Pest & Disease ID

Homeowners should be vigilant and inspect their trees and shrubs periodically for early signs of insect and disease infestations. Branches Tree Experts can help you with identification and potential treatment options. A quick response can prevent the spread of pathogens and keep damage to a minimum, along with lessening treatment costs. Remember, healthy trees and shrubs add to your property’s value, in addition to improving environmental and aesthetic quality.

Common Insect & Disease Problems

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Apple Scab

Azalea Lace Bug


Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Bark Beetle

Black Vine Weevil

Botryosphaeria Canker

Boxwood Psyllid

Dogwood Anthracnose

Eastern Tent Caterpillar

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Root Rot & Butt Rot Fungus

Seiridium Canker

Spider Mites

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